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My photo collection is stored on the server and accessed by cifs protocol to my notebooks. I’m using digiKam to browse my collection in KDE. This software is storing all thumbnails in ~/.thumbnails/ according and create sqlite database where it stores all information about photos. The advantage is, that these thumbnails can be also [...]

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I’m using my old Palm TX to navigate during my travels. I don’t have GPS, but I usually get some maps from the web, store them as jpg and view on Palm as a picture. I had problems to get big maps from Google to jpg, because all screen snapshot programs can only get actual [...]

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I found nice page accessing HD trailers from Yahoo or Apple through downloadable mov files. It’s quite useful to have mov files instead of using flash player especially if you have slower Internet connection. Here is short wget command which download mov files from Apple site into directories: #!/bin/bash #480, 720, 1080 RESOLUTION=480 wget [...]

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